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Providing Sustainable Turnkey Solutions

We Design, Build and Install EV Infrastructure 


From concept design to charging your fleet, we are your turnkey solution.

Hightower EV Solutions is a national developer, technology integrator, and design builder of turnkey EV charging infrastructure projects. With the ability to execute projects throughout the United States, we can provide enterprise‐ level, comprehensive solutions.  Our technology partners include a broad range of EV charging station manufacturers, allowing us to deliver systems fully customized for every need, scale, and budget.


Site & Project Planning

Our technology partners include a broad range of EV charging station manufacturers, allowing us to deliver EV systems that can be highly customized for every site, need, scale, and budget. To ensure a perfect-fit solution, our knowledgeable experts will visit your site to fully understand your unique needs and the specifics of your site.

Estimating & Budgeting

Hightower EV Solutions will provide highly accurate estimates that offer a comprehensive range of options for every budget and reflect current market pricing.


We can offer a full range of training services regarding both the operation and maintenance of each installed system.

Software Integration

We can integrate your information and controls systems with that of the installed system to meet your IT needs.


After understanding your specific needs, we will provide a design that is necessary for budgeting. We will also leverage our partnerships with chosen EV technologies and local subcontractors to provide a complete design that includes in-depth considerations for accessibility, use-ability, and aesthetics.


Our team can deliver your construction project on-time and within budget in a safe and high-quality manner. 

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

As part of our suite of turn-key services, we can also provide customized long-term maintenance and service programs.

Reseller Network & EV Partnerships

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Charger Help!

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Universal Fast
Charging Options:

Access to Leading Technologies

Through our direct relationships with  EV Charging Station manufacturers, Hightower EV Solutions delivers superior value to clients, providing better products at better prices.

Using Your Preferred Technology

Hightower EV Solutions is able to provide the best available technology for each client, selecting the manufacturer – and service level – that matches the desired purpose, use case, and other factors.  This “freedom of choice” provides maximum flexibility and value in both the installed system and the ongoing service.

Construction Services

Hightower EV Solutions has complete in‐house design, permitting, engineering, and construction services to fully deliver our EV Charging infrastructure solutions. Backed by a bonding capacity of $100 million, we have the capability to build EV infrastructure projects on any scale at any location.

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How Can We Assist Your EV Needs?

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